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About Paramount Heating & Air

In 2012, one guy in a service van set out to provide quality HVAC service to residents all throughout Columbus, OH and the surrounding areas. This guy was our founder, Bill Brown. With an HVAC education from Columbus State and a bachelor’s degree in Management and Leadership from Otterbein, Bill worked at Liebert in field service and quality engineering.

His background and experience taught him that while other heating and air conditioning contractors give impersonal and unimpressive experiences, Paramount Heating & Air could be different. We have set out to redefine what you know as a service company. We know that when you call us, it’s typically an emergency situation. You and your family are uncomfortable, inconvenienced, and probably unable to sleep on top of it all!

What You Can Expect From Us

Your interaction with us begins with our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives, who will greet you with a smile you’ll be able to hear over the phone. From there, you can expect the following:

  • Prompt Service: You’ll receive communication back from our office right away, and a technician who will provide an accurate time frame from our arrival. You’re probably pressed for time--we get it!
  • Technician Tracking Navigation System: You won’t have to wait around wondering where your technician is. We use a delivery-style navigation system so you can track your technician when they’re en route to your home.
  • Professionalism: When our techs arrive at your home, you can expect clean-cut, respectful, non-smoking professionals.
  • Full Diagnosis: Our techs will conduct a full inspection and diagnosis of your heating and air conditioning systems, determine the cause of both immediate and less-apparent system issues, and help you safeguard against potential future problems.

Your Paramount Heating & Air technician is equipped to address any specific concerns you might have with your HVAC service in any room of your home. We’ll answer questions about dust, allergies, moldy equipment, your ductwork, and more.

We commit hours to researching HVAC products, services, and best practices so that we can effectively solve any home comfort problems you might have, no matter how common they are. Of course, before we do any work, you’ll be presented with options--and we will only do the work you approve. Everything will be clear and upfront.

Our Qualifications

  • We Install Private Label Goodman and Amana Equipment
  • We are a BBB A+ Rated, INC 5000 Company
  • We’ve been a CBUS Top Pick HVAC Contractor for Three Years Running
  • We have over 500 5-star reviews
  • We’re an Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner

Above all, we want you to know that when you contact us for your HVAC and indoor air quality services, you’ll get in touch with local, reliable, and friendly technicians who are always willing to help.

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